Video 12 Feb 1 note

Last weekend was a surprise…

After some time that addicted products was in pause, I was honoured to be invited to the finals of the Interaction Awards in Amsterdam.

Well it went a bit further than i expected….Best in Show and Best in category Engaging!

Thanks to all that helped, supported, believed, criticised and laughed with me.

Video 12 Feb 1 note

The video of the last talk at dconstuct in september.

Have to work on synonyms of somehow…

Text 10 Sep 1 note Short memories and recollections from clearer listeners @ dConstruct

Short memories

As i was mostly immersed in the talks and on my own anxiety to happiness rollercoaster, i feel i learnt some vital facts about life and the universe.

From LukeW

It took 26 years to get perfect mouse keyboard interaction. From now on we have to run.

The stevie wonder move is the new paradigm to pan a website with glasses.

From Amber

There can be a programmatic approach to happiness.

Flickr can be a valuable external brain.

From Nicole Sullivan

My life on twitter will be more complicated than i thought.

From Karen

In the virtual world laws can be bended, so it’s like italy.

I for sure don’t have enough sci-fi references in my pockets.

From Sarah Angliss

Parrots were the first form of piracy.

From Maciej 

Spock and Kirk are a bit like Achilles and Patroclus.

Fanfic is an english term. Fanfic exists. Fanfic inspires software. Listen to people.

From DanW

LSD was the coping technique for boredom, now surpassed by startups.

There is no switch to faces.

From Adam Buxton

There is an undiscovered potential of poetic talents between youtube commenters.

The internet looks exactly the way i thought.

Some better recollections from clearer listeners

However as my memory is short and biased, here is a bunch of very nice summaries of my talk and generally what happened at this year dconstruct.

For a quick glance, Some amazing Sketch notes by Eva-Lotta Lahm

Perfect notes by LukeW and some more by Oorde Saunders

Happily part of the how we co-evolve with machine theme by Lee Bryant

On the Guardian a nice review of the whole day by Honor Harger

Another review by Matt Edgar and one more by Matt Jukes

and a random set of tweets

a jolly good day…ended as i expected

Text 3 Sep From Internets to Relationships of things

After a nice chat with Rob van Kranenburg one random night in a bavarian beer garden, i pushed myself to write something longer than a quick rant: a slightly longer rant.

Partly i just wanted to capture some of the thinking that came after dealing with so many toasters, but partly comes from the digestion of what’s happening around with so much buzz about connecting everything.

Somehow we take for granted that connecting products would add that “smartness” which will bring benefits to our lives, but connecting is only the first, simplistic step….

the rest

Text 30 Apr 2 notes Designing addicted products for UX London 13
Text 30 Apr Conversation of people and things

As part of connected/projected experiemental program here @ frog i came out with this rant about smart devices:

"We often hear about smart objects, smart homes, and smart cities. Are we aiming at the wrong target when we assume that everything needs to be smart? A drill should know about speed. A fridge should know about temperature. A toaster should know about toast. The real goal is not how smart each individual node can be, but how intelligent it can become while in a collective network.

This aggregation, translation, and horizontal connectivity is what creates new value and, ultimately, makes us smarter. Things will not only talk but explain what they do or what they need. They will follow one another, discuss, collaborate, create events, and complete tasks together. They will even fight and disagree. What if all my tools could collaborate as I build my house? What if they talked to other products and learned from their experience? What if they competed to be used or suggested what was best in a given situation? What if they learned with us and from us? 

Today, a billion new voices are rising in the network. They will talk and be active agents in our lives. But it’s not just about talking. It’s about creating a worthwhile conversation.”

Link 10 Dec Addicted toasters " define an internet of the sensible objects" on »
Link 14 Nov Being defined as a toaster whisperer on Wired is kinda amazing»
Video 14 Nov

The first time that addicted toasters became a bit more public, in italian, but in a pretty amazing TEDx. Florence 2012.

Sorry for the absence of subtitles, but i promise it makes sense.

Video 30 May 1 note

The story of Brad the toaster

The final vision of my graduation project.

It is the story of Brad, a toaster which is part of a new breed of products that love to be be used.
It shows the implications of agency of products in everyday life.
What could happen if a product wants to be used?

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